Our Green Environment Company (OGE) has recently been ISO-14001 Certified

glopOur Green Environment (OGE) was initially established to provide a wide range of Environmental Consulting, Monitoring and Industrial Hygiene services to a wide range of industrial and governmental clients across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With almost three-fold increment in industrial activities, accession to WTO and tightening of the regulations, environmental business opportunity on regional and national levels have magnified

presidentValue-added services shall be the buzz word. Waste-to-products and waste-to-energy shall be the ultimate goal of the company towards its philosophy of ‘Zero Discharge’. Our first venture towards realizing our vision and mission shall be in the Industrial City of Jubail where we intend to establish a comprehensive and integrated environmental management facility to redress problems in the region with futuristic solutions.


The company aims to become the market leader in provisioning of environmental services directed towards resource conservation, regulatory compliance, state-of-the art technologies and sustainable development.


The company intends to provide futuristic solutions to environmental problems being confronted by industries, ministries and public, directed towards minimization of losses, enhancement in quality and valueaddition.

OUR CLIENTS Although entire spectrum of industries, ministries and public sectors are prospective clients, a few of them are listed below: