Our Green Environment Company (OGE) has recently been ISO-14001 Certified

glopOur Green Environment (OGE) was initially established to provide a wide range of Environmental Consulting, Monitoring and Industrial Hygiene services to a wide range of industrial and governmental clients across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With almost three-fold increment in industrial activities, accession to WTO and tightening of the regulations, environmental business opportunity on regional and national levels have magnified proportionately.


In order to orient itself in the market place proportionately, OGE is deliberating to upgrade its capabilities to meet market demands. Existing environmental companies although capable in several environmental business sectors do not have capacities to redress issues from client’s perspectives.
There is an urgent need of environmental companies, on regional and national levels with futuristic vision, capabilities and technologies that match with the global trends in the business sector.
OGE has committed to diversify in all those sectors of environmental management business in a manner that is cost-effective, compliant to national and international regulations and provides value-addition to services being offered. Access to world class technologies, professional and committed staff and responsible management is the blend OGE values to redress issues in the region to the best advantage of the clients.

OGE is in the process of establishing an Integrated Hazardous Waste Management Facility (IHWMF) in the Industrial City of Jubail that will provide futuristic solutions for the waste management in the region and beyond.

OGE has forged partnerships with reputed international consultants and technology suppliers to develop capabilities at par latest trends in the sector globally. Initially OGE IHWMF shall develop classical waste management capabilities to comply with the national (PME) and regional (RCER 2010) Regulations and gradually transform Waste Management to Resource Management Facility adopting the philosophy of “Zero Discharge”.


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